Baseball Stadium Case Study: Baseball Park Management and Technology Vendor

baseball stadium


A park vendor and team management completed renovations of the concession facilities at the Baseball Park. This project added a 7,600 square foot terrace, a 62-foot video board, and a complete overhaul of the kitchen and event space.

During the renovations, the IT and audio/video racks were impacted inside and out by construction dust posing a huge risk to the ability to serve concessions, run concourse audio and video, and have internet access in the offices on Opening Day. This also posed the risk of future corrosion and damage to other electronic systems.


  • IT Racks
  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Audio/Video Rack


Disassemble, clean, reassemble and test all IT and A/V systems prior to Opening Day to enable the cashless concession program and avoid business disruption and the additional costs if the new system could not be used. Additionally, ensure that the ballpark staff had internet in their offices and could run audio and visual systems in the concourse during the game.

Prism was given 7 days to complete their work.


  • Prism Specialties completed the work on-site in two days
  • Cashless concession operations were a “go” for Opening Day
  • AV and internet were operational on Opening Day
  • Future corrosion of IT systems avoided
  • Labelling and reorganization of system components provide an easier and more efficient structure for future maintenance