Our Process

We make the process as easy as possible to get you back to normal faster.
This is what you can expect from Prism Specialties after we get the call from your insurance company:

Step 1 - Authorization Needed

Before we begin, we will have you sign a Work Authorization form with payment instructions for your insurance provider.

Step 2 - Inventory & Estimate

We will review all items to create a detailed inventory list for you and your insurance provider. As needed, we'll also provide an estimate of the cost to your adjuster or insurance provider.

Step 3 - Restoration Begins

We will restore items to their condition before the damage – sometimes better! If any items cannot be restored, they'll be listed as total loss items.

Step 4 - Invoice & Payment

We will send an invoice to your insurance provider. Your provider will then issue the payments.

Step 5 - Storage & Delivery

Restored items will be carefully packed and stored at our facility until they are ready to come home. After our invoice has been paid, we will contact you to schedule a delivery time that works best for you.

Minimize Downtime with Restoration Experts

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