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Man cleaning out dryer filter

How to Clean a Dryer Vent

For many people, cleaning their dryer vent is a task only completed when something goes wrong, not a regular maintenance point on their to-do list, though it should be, according [...]
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Decorative pots

How to Care for Decorative Pots

Experts share their best-kept secrets on caring for vintage ceramics and decorative pots. Read more from Homes & Gardens Magazine and the experts at Prism Specialties. Hot to Care for [...]
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R&R: Ask the Expert!

Andrew Titley, owner and president of Prism Specialties of San Francisco Bay Area, shares why he sees a specialty restoration franchise as a good investment. Andrew also discusses the effects [...]
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Small Business Digest – Susan Kuchta

Susan Kuchta, VP of Sales and Strategy for Prism Specialties, was interviewed by Small Business Digest to discuss how Prism Specialties works with insurance professionals and small businesses. Susan discussed [...]
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