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Textile and Soft Good Restoration Services

Prism Specialties provides expert textile and clothing restoration to recover soft goods after a disaster. We have the experience and resources to quickly restore soot-damaged textiles, moldy fabrics, and other valuables. Our recovery teams specialize in cleaning textiles to thoroughly remove odors, sanitize materials, and restore items to their pre-loss condition.

Trust the fabric restoration experts at Prism Specialties for a range of textile cleaning services.

Fabric and Clothes Restoration You Can Count On

We have the resources and expertise to quickly assess and restore items damaged in fires, storms, and other disasters. We help evaluate soft goods and clothing to quickly determine what can be restored so they can make informed decisions.

Prism Specialties cleans and restores a variety of textiles, including:

  • Leather Goods
  • Clothing
  • Drapery & Rugs
  • Bedding
  • Tapestries
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Shoes & Purses
  • And More

Professional Soft Contents Restoration Services

We bring an item-by-item approach to streamline the restoration process, saving time, money, and worry. Our crews can also prioritize specific pieces to provide the insured with clean clothes and other important items within 24 hours of a loss event.
Water, fire, and mold damage cause soft contents to carry odors, a sign of lingering contamination. These smells compromise comfort and pose potential health risks. Our fabric deodorization services go beyond masking odors – they eliminate a wide range of contaminants, restoring textiles to their pre-loss condition.
During a disaster, soft goods are exposed to considerable dirt, soot, oil, and other debris. Without prompt and professional cleaning, these pollutants pose immediate health hazards and break down textile fibers. Prism Specialties' textile cleaning services remove impurities, halt mold growth, and prevent further damage.
Disasters leave soft contents riddled with invisible contaminants such as ash, soot, and mold. Integral to the cleaning process is the pointed sanitization of compromised garments to mitigate health risks.

Partner with Prism for Textile Restoration

After a significant loss or disaster, don't rule out restoration. Clothing, soft goods, and other textiles can be recovered, restored, and returned to their pre-loss condition. See why Prism Specialties is the go-to specialty restoration partner to trust. Find a Prism location nearby or submit a claim today.

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