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Document Restoration & Digitization Services

Timely restoration is critical for documents that hold vital and irreplaceable information. Restoration services from Prism Specialties recover and preserve documents exposed to smoke, fire, and water-damaged at the home or the office. All information will be handled with security and care throughout the restoration process, including on-demand document retrieval when needed.

Document Recovery Services

Immediate removal and restoration of paper documents after a loss event is crucial. A prompt, professional response improves the chances of document and data preservation, mitigating further deterioration while ensuring information is secure. Prism Specialties has built its reputation on professional document drying restoration services with an eye on detail.

We offer document recovery services for a range of items, including:

  • Medical Records
  • Legal Files
  • Tax & Financial Records
  • Historical Books & Ledgers
  • Internal Documents
  • Archival Records & Photographs
  • Antique Documents
  • And More

Document Restoration Methodology

In the aftermath of a fire or water damage incident, the immediate removal and restoration of documents are crucial to prevent further deterioration. At Prism Specialties, we understand the urgency and delicacy of such situations, offering specialized document recovery services for offices, libraries, schools, and homes.
Document Damage Assessment
After verifying the inventory, we evaluate the damage and prescribe a course of action. With customer approval, the restoration process begins.
Prism addresses the damage caused by moisture, mold, smoke damage, and more. We take pride in our skills; almost any intact document can be restored to pre-loss condition if recovered in time.
Delivery and Preservation
Our work doesn’t end once the documents are returned. We help property owners reshelve and organize documents or store items in a secure facility if required.

Document Digitization Services

One of the best ways to preserve documents is digitization. Prism Specialties offers data digitization services to transfer important information from paper to a secure digital storage environment. Preserve financial information, real estate documents, and treasured journals and books indefinitely with antique and archival digitization services.

Keep History Alive with Document Preservation Services

Prism Specialties is an industry leader in recovering, restoring, and preserving valuable documents. After a loss or disaster, we promise prompt, professional support that arrives in hours, not days.  Restore what matters most. Find a location nearby or submit a claim today.

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