Insurance Professionals & Adjusters

When a loss occurs due to a disaster or accident, we work with insurance agents and adjusters to move quickly and efficiently.  It is our goal to provide the best possible outcome. Once a claim is filed, we work to retrieve, assess, clean, repair and return soft goods with the necessary urgency.


We work with contractors to remove water or fire damaged electronics after a loss.  Our professional and experienced team members coordinate pick up and delivery with the construction team to provide minimal interruptions to the construction site.


We understand that you’re working through a stressful situation in the aftermath of a disaster. Prism Specialties gives each client the empathy and consideration they need during these difficult times. We also treat each electronic recovery project with due urgency to help clients get back to normal, faster. Additionally, we use eco-friendly yet effective cleaning products and methods to ensure the best possible outcomes.


The same is true for businesses that have sustained a loss. While time is of the utmost importance to anyone who is the victim of a disaster, we understand that companies may be losing revenue and possibly customers while trying to get their offices back to productivity.