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Professional Data Recovery Services

The Trustworthy Data Recovery Company

Hard Drive Recovery Services for Home or Business

Our experts have deep experience restoring data in the residential and commercial sectors. We provide emergency data retrieval services for all media in a controlled, secure environment. 

With locations nationwide, there’s a Prism Specialties nearby to retrieve data from hard drives damaged by fire, water, or other disasters. When nature or bad luck strikes, the data recovery specialists at Prism are ready to help.

Our Professional Data Recovery Services

We invest significant time and energy in staying ahead of technology trends to recover data from a range of data storage drives and devices, including:

Our flexible drive recovery services meet industry standards and use proprietary knowledge to restore data and mitigate knowledge loss.
The Prism Specialties location can help with:
Hard drive recovery
External drive recovery
Solid-state drive (SSD) data recovery
Optical storage
Tape data recovery
Server rack cleaning

Why Forward-Thinking Businesses Count on Prism for Data Recovery

When a data loss occurs, time is critical – both to restore lost information and to minimize operational downtime. Our data recovery experts quickly assess, recover, and deliver information on a media device to make the process seamless. Prism ensures utility and integrity to get operations back on track.

Data Integrity Is Critical

Companies with a robust data backup system still risk data loss (or worse) due to natural disasters, fire, or system failure. 

Even corporate data loss prevention efforts are not infallible. When disaster strikes, count on the experienced data recovery specialists at Prism Specialties. We’ll recover and return the organization’s data quickly.

Data Is Everything in Today’s World

From tape to SSD, data recovery services are a critical part of getting back to normal after a loss event. See how the experienced professionals at Prism Specialties leverage industry and proprietary know-how and exceptional customer service to guide customers through the aftermath of disaster or damage.

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