Art Restoration Goes Beyond Just Paintings

Art Restoration Contractors That Insurance Adjusters Trust

We Save More Than Just Paintings

At Prism Specialties , “art restoration” means a lot more than bringing water-damaged paintings back to life. Our customers more commonly look to us to restore antiques, family heirlooms and other valuables with significant financial and sentimental value.

What Is Considered Art?

Art encompasses many of the things that people value and treasure. Art is often a physical item in a home that people fear losing in the event of a disaster. They’re the irreplaceable possessions that cause worry when the thought of damage from a flood or fire comes to mind. We consider our work a part of a long tradition of reclaiming beautiful things from disaster. Society has always striven to keep what matters most, and our art handlers carry on the legacy of maintaining the threads that connect the ages.

Antique Restoration

Antiques add elegance and beauty to a space, often displayed as a point of pride for guests. There’s also an emotional connection to antiques handed down from generations, grandpa’s taxidermy and old family photographs that tell the stories of our ancestors’ lives.

The financial value also matters, and that point is not lost on us.

As a part of our restoration services, we work to re-establish pre-event condition, determine whether we can successfully meet our own high standards of restoration and communicate the restoration process and timeline to the insured. That expert care is built-into every step of our system, including climate-controlled and secure storage.

Water Damage Restoration and Other Services

Water damage might be a common cause for restoration, but we also repair damage caused by smoke and fire, mold, vandalism and accidents for a wide range of valuables.

These services include:

  • Taxidermy restoration
  • Sports memorabilia restoration
  • Photograph restoration
  • Antique restoration
  • Mosaics restoration
  • Diaries and journals restoration

Why Choose Prism Specialties for Art Restoration?

It takes years of experience to tackle these challenges, and we rely on our team of art restoration experts to bring their talent to work on what matters most to the insured. It’s time to streamline the restoration process, from the time of the event to the conclusion of a claim. We support insurance professionals in managing every element of restoration so they can focus on other aspects of the project.

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