Restoring Art After a Loss: How to Partner With the Right Art Restoration Company

There are many events that can end in the damage of a valuable piece of art. Some are caused by a natural disaster, such as water damage from a serious storm or damage from a fire, while other events can be manmade such as vandalism.  Regardless of the damage, art restoration has become increasingly important to homeowners and businesses when it comes to repairing and saving artwork. 

Art Conservation Verse Art Restoration

The conservation of artwork focuses on preserving the original work.  Conservation of art is an approach that incorporates historic research, scientific analysis, and materials to preserve historic artifacts.   On the other hand, art restoration is a process that preserves and repairs artwork such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, or other art objects whose condition is negatively altered by damage.  Art restoration is often a more cost-effective option than conservation with a shorter turnaround time to accommodate those recovering from a disaster.

Benefits of Art Restoration

A huge benefit of art restoration is restoring the emotional connection that is associated with the damaged piece. Often artwork, no matter the cost, is irreplaceable making it priceless and difficult to replace.  Artwork consists of antiques, photographs, family heirlooms, keepsakes, paintings, mosaics, taxidermy, and much more. 

Another known benefit of art restoration is preservation. Over time, artwork tends to collect layers of dust and grime, even if it hangs on a wall. If photos or paintings look less than spectacular, having them professionally cleaned can provide protection and longevity.

Hiring the Right Art Professional

When choosing a specialty restoration partner for artwork, it is important to make sure they have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to restore the items properly. It is a misnomer to think fire soot is just another form of dirt that can simply be “wiped off”. Smoke, soot, and water can be corrosive to surfaces and can continue to cause damage even after the fire is put out. Cleaning smoke and soot damage from artwork require learned skillsets, professional cleaning products, and techniques to do the job right.

Another determining factor in choosing the right art professional is working with an insured company that can provide secure transit and storage to provide the contractor, adjuster, and the insured peace of mind on the restored items. Hiring the right professional will ensure the items are handled and restored properly reducing safety risks and potential long-term health risks.

Your Partner in Art Restoration

In the event of artwork loss, choosing the right restoration company is important.  At Prism Specialties, we focus on providing top-quality customer service with clear communication from the beginning to the very end. Our restoration efforts provide contractors and adjusters with cost savings when compared to replacement costs and our company is fully insured giving the insured confidence and peace of mind.  From pick-up to delivery, we employ the very best industry techniques throughout every step of the art recovery process to keep valuables safe until they are ready to be returned.

In addition to disaster recovery and restoration services, we offer the following:

  • Cleaning and repair to artwork and collectibles
  • Preservation services & maintenance for private and public collectors
  • Handling and storage ideal for fine art
  • Custom framing and repair solutions

From start to finish, we care for each work of art with the utmost respect and attention, regardless of its monetary value. Visit our gallery for examples of the various types of art we regularly restore. Over the years, we have earned our reputation within the industry by demonstrating a high sense of urgency, complemented by experience and knowledge to restore many types of items affected by all types of damage. Our team specializes in three major disaster categories: fire, water, and vandalism. However, we also offer non-insurance related restoration as well as preservation and maintenance services. Our goal is to quickly assess, recover and return artwork and collectibles to pre-loss condition. We not only restore art, we restore memories.

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