5 Tips for How to Find Your Art Style

What Kind of Art Do I Like?

From impressionism to minimalism, there is an art style for everyone. However, it’s not always easy to narrow down your preferences. Do you fancy the surrealism of Picasso or the pop art of Warhol? Before you start hanging new pieces in your home, you’ll want to figure out what styles, genres and subjects suit you the best. These five tips will teach you how to find your art style in no time at all.

5 Tips: How to Find Your Art Style

1. Stroll Through a Local Gallery

Ready to introduce yourself to different types of art? Look no further than the local museum or art gallery. These facilities often feature permanent and traveling collections. While galleries often cater to up-and-coming artists, museums may house older, more well-known pieces. Additionally, many of the world’s finest museums and galleries offer virtual tours. Be sure to tour several different exhibitions. You never know what may pique your interest.

While admiring the artwork, be sure to ask yourself a few questions. What emotions do the pieces evoke? Do certain artists catch your eye more than others, and why? You may find yourself leaning toward one style, medium or era. Be sure to write down the names of any works that genuinely speak to you.

2. Enroll in an Art History Class

Just like fine art, education is also priceless. Learning a bit about art history may help you figure out what art style is right for your home. Many community colleges offer art appreciation and history courses. And, no, you don’t need to get another degree to enroll. Most of the time, you can take a few evening classes or audit a course. Or, start by watching a few free Ted Talks online.

In an art history class, you’ll learn about the evolution of different art movements, from ancient art to modern times. Not only will you learn the true story behind the Mona Lisa, but you’ll also find out why Van Gogh cut off his left ear. Best of all, exposing yourself to so many artists will help you narrow down your personal style preferences.

3. Transform into an Artist

When was the last time you painted or colored? Even if it’s been a long time, you can still open another box of crayons. Consider signing up for an art class and becoming an artist, at least for a day. Your local community center may offer affordable art lessons that are both fun and relaxing. Also, YouTube is full of free resources to help you acquire new artistic skills.

While you’re busy learning new techniques, ask yourself, “What kind of art do I like?” Your teacher will help you figure out what supplies, methods, textures and color schemes you enjoy the best. Who knows – you may discover a hidden talent and decide to hang some of your own masterpieces in your home!

4. Get a Little Help from Your Friends

As you’re figuring out how to find your art style, don’t be shy about getting suggestions from friends and family who know you well. They may help you discover artists you never knew existed.

Ask your friends which artists they enjoy the most. Have them show you some of their favorite pieces and ask them why specific works resonate with them. This should help you narrow down your own art preferences.

5. Evaluate Your Home Decor

The way you decorate may influence your art style. Do you prefer traditional, contemporary, or modern design? Bright colors or subdued hues? Consider how you can tie an art collection into the current decor. When decorating your living room, for example, select art that matches your furniture or provides a complementary accent color. Are vintage books part of your personal style? Find paintings that coordinate with your bookcase display. (And here’s how to repair water damage on old books.) Make sure the pieces you buy are a pleasing size.

Remember, however, that there are no real rules. It’s fine to mix old with new. Mixed textures and mediums can be beautiful too. Even if you have a cozy country cottage, you can fill it with Basquiat’s graffiti. Just buy art you love!

Maintain Your Art Collection for a Lifetime

Filling your home with beautiful art is a personal experience. It’s also an investment. Once you nail down your style, you’ll want to show off your finds for years to come. The experts at Prism Specialties offer cleaning, repair, and custom framing services to help maintain your future art collection. Connect with us online or call 800-227-0796 to learn more about our preservation and maintenance services.