How Data Recovery Services Can Save Your Company

How Data Recovery Services Can Save a Business

For many companies, a data breach can be catastrophic. Whether it’s the company’s confidential files or customers’ financial records that are compromised, it can be tough to recover from this kind of event. In fact, 60 percent of small businesses in this situation close for good.

Not sure if you should be concerned about a potential data breach? No matter how big or small your operations, no matter what industry you are part of, your company’s website and database is probably vulnerable to an attack. In fact, it may have been breached already.

According to a report prepared by Verizon, in 2017:

  • 58% of data breach victims were small businesses.
  • 68% of data breaches were not discovered until months after the event.
  • 76% of data breaches were financially motivated.

But it’s not just hackers and malware that threaten a company’s data. Floods and fires can quickly destroy servers, hard drives, and other types of digital records. There are many potential causes of data loss, and you need to plan ahead. Prepare for disaster scenarios by partnering with a data recovery services provider that’s trustworthy and available when you really need help.

What Does a Data Recovery Service Do for a Company?

A good data recovery service will help a company get back to business as seamlessly as possible by:

  • Restoring and securing important company records
  • Reducing downtime, getting the organization operational again fast
  • Improving consumer and employee confidence in the company
  • Preventing irreparable damage to digital records and hardware

How to Choose a Data Recovery Service

How can you tell whether a data retrieval service is a good fit for your needs? Look for these conditions when choosing a service:

  • Rapid response time
  • On-site service availability
  • Secure data recovery systems and facilities
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Device manufacturer approval to retain device warranties
  • Secure digital data transfer options

Secure Data Recovery Services from Prism Specialties

Whatever type of data loss you’re concerned about or currently dealing with, Prism Specialties can help. Our experts provide emergency data recovery services for a wide range of media. Following an incident, our team analyzes assets, provides secure data recovery services, and returns records in the client’s chosen media.

For fast, reliable data retrieval services, call Prism Specialties at 888-826-9429 or submit a claim online.