How to Choose a Vintage Electronics Restoration Service

How to Choose a Vintage Electronics Restoration Service

Newer is not always more desirable. Even as technology advances at an unprecedented rate, some of the best electronics have a few years under their belt. If you own vintage electronics, figuring out how to repair them can be a challenge. Here are few things to consider as you search for a trusted vintage electronics restoration service.

What Should a Vintage Electronics Restoration Service Offer?

Fixing up vintage electronics requires a lot of skill and patience. When selecting a service, make sure the technician or team has the experience necessary to handle your specific device. They should be able to restore its physical appearance while also repairing the internal mechanisms.

Restoration generally includes cleaning circuits, lubricating mechanisms, and repairing switches. The result is a fully functioning electronic that will last for many more years. In most cases, restoring vintage pieces will also save you money, compared to buying something new.

Make sure the restoration team knows how to fix the exact type of damage you’re dealing with. For example:

  • If fire damage has afflicted your electronics, look for a service that specializes in fire and smoke restoration.
  • If your devices have lightning damage or related power surge damage, ask the service provider if they have experience addressing this issue.  
  • When a flood event causes water damage to your favorite devices, the right service should know how to dry out your item and restore it to working condition.

Why Restore When You Can Buy New?

The struggle to keep up with the Joneses has led some consumers to believe they need the latest gadgets and gizmos to stay in the game. However, this isn’t always the case. There are tons of collectible vintage electronics out there that still serve a purpose. And since manufacturers no longer make them, some of them are also worth a pretty penny.

Tossing out an old turntable to make room for an updated stereo may sound good on paper. But you’ll also end up throwing away memories and a specific experience. Vintage electronics repair and restoration allows you to keep enjoying your devices to their fullest capacity.

What Exactly Is a Vintage Electronic?

In today’s world, technology gets replaced nearly every year. Once a manufacturer decides to quit supporting a device, it can fall into the vintage category. And the extremely rare, outdated electronics are worth quite a bit of money.

Here are some vintage electronics to be on the lookout for:

  • Computers

Vintage Apple computers are hard to find. If you own one, restoring it is a good idea. Even computers that are a few decades old can still provide many more years of use. Whether you want to hold onto your old computer or sell it for cash, restoring it will ensure it retains its value.

  • Music Devices

When you think of vintage music players, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you imagine an old record player from the 1970s. While this is accurate, some “newer” music players also fall under the vintage category. Remember that iPod you got a decade ago? Surprise! It’s a vintage collectible now.

  • Video Players

If you still enjoy popping in your favorite VHS cassettes, you have a vintage electronic on your hands. Although most people now stream videos, Betamax, VHS, and DVD players remain popular finds on the vintage electronics scene.

  • Televisions

Long before flat-screen TVs were all the rage, tube televisions reigned supreme. Many of these television sets still work and restoring them to their original condition will boost their resale value.

  • Video Games

If you’re of a certain age, you probably spent many hours playing Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or Atari when you were young. Even though there are many newer consoles out there, the originals are still highly sought after. If you want to help Mario save the Princess once again, a vintage electronics repair service can lend a hand.

If you have any of these old electronics lurking around your home, it may be time to restore them. And if antique books are your thing, turn to our friends at Prism Specialties for reliable art restoration services.

Who Can You Trust with Your Vintage Electronics?

Repairing and restoring vintage electronics is an art, and your old electronics are special. Don’t settle for a service that doesn’t stand behind their previous experience and specialties.

Prism Specialties knows how to repair and restore all types of electronics, both old and new. Let us bring new life to your devices. Contact Prism Specialties online or call 888-826-9439 for trusted vintage electronics restoration services.