Electronic Restoration Services for Electrical Damage

Our experts test & validate all electronics affected by a lightning strike or power surge ensuring an accurate & cost effective recovery.

Restoring Electronics After Lightning Damage

Lightning Strikes

When lightning hits a structure directly or even near it, an electrical current enters the structure. This can be a direct hit or result in a power surge. Either can cause electronics to malfunction: but they don’t always cause terminal damage.

Power Surges

Power surges are spikes in voltage. They are very brief, usually lasting only millionths of a second but varying in duration and magnitude. A power surge is not always associated with lightning. It can be caused by high winds, utility company work in the area, or even appliances that use a large amount of voltage turning on and off.

If there has been a direct hit to the structure, the first electronic item at the site will often sustain the most damage. Depending on the item and its circuitry, the damage may not travel any further.

Prism Specialties can perform a lightning strike validation to determine the cause of the outage and best solution for damaged items.

Prism Specialties Lightning Strike Validations Include:

  • General Vicinity Assessment
  • Device Assessment & Visual Evaluation
  • Policyholder Interview
  • Functional Test
  • Photo Documentation
  • Analysis
  • Final Report with Findings

When lighting strikes and power surges happen…TRUST THE EXPERTS

Why Restoration?

Restoration costs can often be a fraction of replacement costs. Learn more about our other advantages below.



Our team possesses all of the engineering disciplines necessary to redesign and rebuild industrial equipment. Add



When it is not feasible to restore damaged equipment and the only option is replacement, our Engineering Team utilizes the DVPR (Design Verification Prove Out) system.



Our national headquarters quality management system is certified to ISO-9001:2015. We have Senior Quality Engineers on staff with over 25 years of combined experience in developing, working with, auditing and enforcing the most stringent quality requirements.



Our process ensures we are in full compliance with any authority oversight, approval requirement, OEM validation certification, and/or any other requirements necessary.



We approach every project with the commitment to successfully restore customers’ property. We stand behind the work we perform by providing a written one-year warranty on most restored and repaired equipment.

Residential Home

Lightning Damage

A residential home had a lightening surge. The insured claimed almost $14,000 in damages. An inspection and validation of the damages showed that only a few items were actually damaged. The insurance company saved $11,500 by restoring vs. replacing the items.

Frequently Asked Questions

We restore virtually any type of residential and commercial electronics that have been damaged by fire, water, mold, lightning or other type of loss. Our experts handle losses of all sizes, from a single computer or appliance to an entire production line.

We perform an on-site digital inventory and remove affected items.

We provide an estimate to restore affected items to your insurance carrier & request approval.

We perform the restoration work & store your items until your home is ready.

Delivery is scheduled, generally within three business days of receiving payment or when your home is ready.

As pioneers within the industry we have perfected the recovery process from start to finish. We use next-generation technology to mitigate, track, restore, test and reinstall your electronics and appliances to pre-loss condition.

Immediately power them down! Water as well as smoke is conductive and will cause internal shorts and short/long term intermittent failures.

Carbon black is conductive and corrosive. Immediate corrective actions by a certified technician will ensure the item is restored to its pre-loss condition.

Lightning strikes have been known to cause damage to electronic equipment up to a-half-mile from the point of contact, although this is rare. More localized strikes within 100 yards from the point of contact tend to cause more notable damage to the equipment’s performance. Proper testing and validation can ensure the equipment has not been effected and the reliability has not been jeopardized.

We approach every project with the commitment to successfully restore customers’ property. We stand behind the work we perform by providing a written one-year warranty on most restored equipment.

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