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Have you been thinking of owning your own business and how to make it possible? Well look no further. We can offer a solid foundation for growing your business with a tried-and-true business model to make you successful.

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Reasons to Invest

Growing Concept with National Opportunities, Creating Repeat Business

Prism Specialties is a growing concept that will be the first art restoration company to have a national presence through multiple outlets across the United States. As the largest electronics restorer in the U.S., Prism Specialties has already ventured down the path of creating national relationships with insurance carriers and contractors alike. Part of the expansion plan of Prism Specialties includes pursuing these same relationships. We know that once you establish these relationships, they often lead to additional opportunities.

Limited Competition

As of today, Prism Specialties faces very little organized competition across the U.S. Most of our competition is fragmented, mom and pop-style competitors. The territories that Prism Specialties offers are large protected territories which allow for a fast expansion across the U.S., allowing Prism Specialties to seize the opportunity to be a leader in the industry of art recovery and restoration.

Recession Resistant

Fortunately, Prism Specialties is part of the restoration industry which means that the business model is recession resistant by nature. Openings for a life-changing event present themselves to Prism Specialties through such avenues as fire or water damages. The homeowner that deals with such occurrences works with insurance adjusters and contractors to restore their home and contents to pre-loss conditions. This simply means that the insurance company is the one that usually pays on the claim.

Make a difference

Our Prism Specialties franchisees have the pleasure of being one of the heroes on-site, because most people that have art and collectables hold those items very dear to them. When our work is done, our customers are very excited to see their possessions return often in better shape than pre-loss conditions.

Limited Investment

At Prism Specialties, we believe that our franchise partners need to have large protected territories that maximize their opportunity to seek profit with a reasonable up-front investment. We provide for a protected territory of 2.0M population. The investment for this territory is $40,000. If a candidate chooses to pursue additional territories, we do offer a 20% discount for additional territories. There is also an initial package that is required for our franchisees to perform their work. This initial package is currently priced at $45,500. A total initial investment of $145,000.

Locations Near You

With multiple locations throughout the US, we have the capability to arrive at any loss situation within hours.

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Minimize Downtime with Restoration Experts

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