Prism Specialties restoration expert sitting in vehicle

Textiles can have a high emotional value to the insured – a wedding dress, a favorite stuffed animal, or a quilt from a grandparent.  All these items can mean more to the owner than their monetary worth.  Given these items cannot be replaced, restoring these precious items becomes a desire and a necessity to get the insured back to normal faster.

Textile restoration costs can quickly consume the policy dollars on a claim.  That is why it is imperative to have professionals who can offer cleaning services not on the per piece standard but on the process and labor needed to perform the work.  This results in lower cost for the insured and carrier, as well as reducing the time needed to manage the claim. All it takes is one phone call to start the responsible textile restoration process, offering the ultimate convenience and value for the adjuster, the contractor, and the insured.

Here at Prism Specialties, responsible textile restoration includes:


We partner with adjusters and contractors to ensure the claims process goes smoothly and quickly.  Unlike our competitors, we use standard industry estimating platforms differently to provide bulk pricing for items that can be restored through wash-and-fold processing. In turn, this makes our estimates clear, concise, and easy to understand – saving both time and money.

Our textile estimates and invoices also average about two pages allowing the decision to restore verse replace easier and more transparent.   We follow the care instructions on every label, and we charge based on how the piece was cleaned. You will find that we bill more items in bulk laundry than the rest of the industry.


We provide adjusters with expert guidance to help the insured decide whether to restore essential items or replace them if the damage is too severe. Many people often don’t realize that the restoration of some textiles is even an option; for instance, leather goods, ski boots, helmets, and purses are all part of the textile category.  Restoration is less costly than replacement, allowing the insured to receive better value from their claim.


We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will initially handle the textile restoration process by first assessing damage and making restoration decisions. Next, we work through the claims and restoration processes themselves, ending with the final result – satisfied clients enjoying belongings professionally restored to their pre-loss condition in a timely and professional manner.

We manage everything we restore with integrity; if an item cannot be restored, we will make sure our client is aware right away.


We provide a complete damage assessment to our clients and make an entire photo inventory is taken of all items room by room, assuring safe storage and transport for the insured’s most precious and vital possessions.

The iCat software interface provides transparency for the adjuster and the insured, allowing them to see where and how the items are stored. It also gives them the ability to request a particular item be returned early.


Responsible textile restoration from Prism Specialties is just one of our specialty restoration competencies. We are part of a family of brands that can offer all specialty contents services without sacrificing needed expertise in specific areas.

The Prism Specialties team specializes in restoring clothing, fabric, and textiles from fire, smoke, water, and mold. We use eco-friendly detergents during cleaning, and our processes are transparent throughout. Prism Specialties teams are dedicated to providing a quick response right from the very first phone call up to the day of delivery. We are committed to responsible textile restoration, and we’re proud to provide complete satisfaction!  Connect with your local Prism Specialties online or call 888-269-0683 so we can help you restore comfort.