Is Your Homeowner or Business Owner Under-insured?

Man restoring electronic

In today’s digital world, your insured is surrounded by electronics and appliances that provide comfort, connectivity, and convenience. From computers to tablets to smart appliances, these electronics make life easier. However, after disaster strikes, the cost of replacement can add up quickly. Here at Prism Specialties, our expert team of skilled technicians are just the people to help you determine what can be restored rather than replaced and help you find ways to stretch your policy dollars. If it plugs in or powers up, call us first.

Restoration Versus Replacing Electronics

It is a common misconception is that replacing electronics and appliances is less expensive than restoring them.  However, this could not be further from the truth. After a disaster, restoration professionals can restore and recover the appearance, functionality, and data of most electronic devices to avoid the high cost of replacement. While simply tossing these damaged items may seem like the easy option, restoring electronics instead of discarding them is more cost-effective.   Restoration can reduce business and family disruption by avoiding long lead times associated with replacing machinery or appliances.   Ask us about our on-site restoration services.

Appliance Restoration to the Rescue

Did you know that appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, cooktops, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and more can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacement? Restoring appliances helps maximize the policyholder’s needs allowing them to restore more. When restoring appliances, it is important to partner with the right restoration company that can be on site quickly to properly disconnect and remove affected items to minimize further damage and reduce health risks.  Additionally, to ensure proper functionality for years to come, it is important to work with a restoration company that employs skilled technicians that do not simply wipe down items, but instead possess the capabilities to clean and restore the inner workings of the machine to stop future corrosion.

The Prism Specialties Guarantee

Here at Prism Specialties , we back our work with a one-year guarantee. We stand behind everything we do, and we want to give our clients peace of mind in knowing that their electronics will be fully restored and functioning like their pre-damaged condition. In addition to the benefits of our high levels of expertise in our specialty categories, choosing Prism Specialties means our clients will receive:

  • Quick response, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Clear communication throughout the restoration process with full photographic inventory
  • Great customer service from the beginning to the close of their claim.
  • Fully insured mitigating liability.
  • Full photographic inventory and turn-key services with secure storage till items are ready to return home.
  • Offer a secure and environmentally controlled facility until delivery.
  • Delivery, reconnection, testing, and validation after restoration is complete to ensure the home is move-in ready and fully functioning for the homeowner.
  • One-year guarantee, so you can rest assured we’ll stand behind our work.

Restoration Saves More than Money 

After a house fire, the Otto family lost many items due to exposure of water and soot. Helen “Mimi” Otto’s 17-year-old son with autism was devastated when his Wii and PlayStation 2 were harmed by the fire.  Thankfully, the experts at Prism Specialties were not only able to restore the gaming systems to working condition but were able to recover his personal data and progress made on his favorite games. Prism Specialties was proud to help the Otto family get back to normal and recover electronics and appliances that others had deemed a total loss. 

Contact the Prism Specialties Experts 

Prism Specialties maintains the skillset and experience necessary to restore virtually every type of residential and commercial electronic or appliance that has been damaged by fire or water after a loss. We have locations nationwide to handle losses of all sizes. From a single computer or appliance to an entire production line or residential home, clients can count on us for residential electronics recovery, data recovery, commercial electronics recovery, and factory rebuilds.

To get started with restoration and recovery of electronic appliances and/or devices, call Prism Specialties at (888) 826-9429 or request service online: Prism Specialties.