How to Hang a Tapestry of Any Size

How to Hang a Tapestry

A wall tapestry adds visual interest to a room and creates the perfect spot for an Instagram-worthy shot. If you have a bare wall in your home, a tapestry provides an easy way to incorporate color, pattern, and texture in the space. You can choose to cover most of a wall with the material or add a smaller textile to use as an accent piece.

What to Use to Hang a Tapestry

Once you’ve chosen the right material to adorn the wall, it’s time to learn how to place it on the wall. No matter the size of the wall hanging, the piece should drape evenly and securely from the wall for best results. The size of the tapestry and the wall’s surface are two factors that will help you determine what to use to hang the tapestry.

For example, if your tapestry is made of heavy fabric or is oversized, ensure the hanging method you choose will support the weight of the material. If you’re decorating a wall in a rental, you may prefer to avoid nail holes and markings on the wall – using adhesives will allow you to secure the tapestry without damaging the wall.

3 Ways to Hang a Tapestry

Here are three different ways to hang a tapestry that even an inexperienced home decorator can tackle with ease. Choose the method you prefer, gather your materials, and follow the step-by-step instructions to create the look you have in mind.

Method #1: Hammer and Nails

Supplies: hammer, nails

This method is ideal for woven tapestries that allow the nail to pass through without leaving a hole in the material.

  • Place the tapestry on the wall in the position you desire.
  • Push the nail through the fabric near the top of one corner.
  • Point the nail slightly down as you tap the nail with the hammer into the wall.
  • Repeat the process for the opposite corner if you are going for a draped look. For an even hang, use multiple nails along the tapestry’s top edge.

Method #2: Self-Adhesive Strips

Self-adhesive Velcro or picture-hanging strips can be a great solution for hanging a tapestry without damaging the walls. This method also makes it easier for you to adjust or move the tapestry if you change your mind about placement.

When using self-adhesives to secure a tapestry, be sure to use the right number of strips to support the weight of the fabric. You may only need enough strips for the four corners if the material is lightweight. A heavier, larger tapestry will require multiple strips placed around the edges. See the adhesive package labeling for weight limits.

Supplies: self-adhesive strips, rubbing alcohol

  • Position strips on the back of the wall hanging.
  • Press firmly to secure the strip to the tapestry.
  • Repeat for the remaining connection points on the tapestry – either on all corners or on multiple spots on each edge.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean the spots on the wall where you will place the adhesive and allow to air-dry. This step ensures a firm hold.
  • Remove the liners on the adhesive backs.
  • Position the tapestry, pressing each set of strips firmly to the wall.

Method #3: Rope or Twine

If you want to create a nice drape effect with your tapestry, hanging it on a rope or twine is a great method. A bonus with this method is that you can easily switch out the tapestries for different seasons or holidays.

Supplies: tape measure, scissors, rope or twine, hammer, two nails

  • With your scissors, make several tiny, evenly spaced cuts at the top of the tapestry; cut about an inch below the top seam of the tapestry to make room for the rope.
  • Thread the rope through the holes and tie a tight knot in the rope at each end of the tapestry.
  • Determine where you want to place the tapestry and drive a nail into the wall for each side of the rope.
  • Place each rope knot on a nail.

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