Prism Specialties: Surprising Flood Restorations

Can it Be Saved?

Following a home flooding event, many homeowners and renters are surprised to learn that some of their most valued objects can actually be restored. There’s almost nothing that can’t be fixed when a professional electronics technician takes a damaged device apart, cleans it, and reassembles it.

You just have to choose a reputable restoration company that knows how to repair your specific items.

When you find yourself dealing with a home flood, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Many believe their most treasured electronics are destined for the landfill. But don’t toss your belongings yet!

Here are a just a few examples of surprising items that can be successfully fixed by flood damage restoration companies:

  • Pinball machines and vintage arcade games.
    With so many tiny metal components, moving parts, and microchips, you may think that a waterlogged arcade game would be a goner. But water damage is no match for an experienced arcade game restorer, even if the machine has sustained extensive water damage. Bringing your old pinball machine back to life involves deconstruction, cleaning, replacing fuses and bulbs, and then reassembling the unit. But skilled restoration technicians will get your prized pinball or arcade game working again.
  • Vintage stereo cabinets.
    Everything old becomes new again, and vintage stereo cabinets have enjoyed resurgence in popularity since Mad Men brought back the 1960s aesthetic. These midcentury stereo cabinets feature a radio and a record player housed inside a decorative wooden cabinet. Water can cause damage to every component, from the electric turntable to the wooden legs. Trained restoration experts can get the electronic components working again, eliminate moisture inside the cabinet, and stop mold growth in its tracks.
  • Kitchen appliances.
    Believe it or not, waterlogged kitchen appliances from flooded homes can also be restored. Even smart appliances powered by microchips and controlled with touchscreens can be repaired by good restoration technicians. And don’t worry about the exterior, because saltwater corrosion on metal appliances can be remedied. As an added bonus, a full-service restoration company will store your repaired appliances for you until you can move back into your house.

Who Offers Restoration Services Near Me?

You don’t have to throw away your flood-damaged items. Electronic Restoration Services’ engineers and restoration experts save a surprising array of electric and electronic items from the landfill every day. Antiques, appliances, televisions, and specialty items can all be restored by talented technicians.

Restoring electronics and appliances can be a fraction of the cost to replace them, and with locations from coast to coast, your local Prism Specialties is just a phone call away. Call us at 866-225-5377  or click the link to find your local Prism Specialties.

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