Why Choose Us?

Dedication and commitment are how we demonstrate our understanding of what really matters to our clients. Our process will restore items to their pre-loss condition to help clients get back to normal.

The Prism Specialties Difference

The textile restoration industry was based on the dry-cleaning industry where the process and pricing were built around individual items. Prism Specialties comes to the market in a different way. We base our pricing, invoicing, and interaction on the cleaning process and labor needed to clean and restore garments and other textiles in a loss. We are not focused on a per piece standard but instead cleaning in bulk which creates cost savings.

Why Choose Prism Specialties for Fabric Restoration and Textile Cleaning?

  • Lower cost savings on your textile restoration
  • Reduce time to manage the claim
  • Better Restore versus Replace decisions
  • More satisfied homeowners and business owners
  • One call for all your specialty needs

Quick Response & Communication

Our team is dedicated to our clients with a quick response from the initial phone call to the delivery day. We provide a damage assessment and photo inventory of items by room to assure safe storage and transport. We partner with adjusters, contractors, and homeowners to go above and beyond to achieve optimal outcomes and provide expert guidance.

Professional & Transparent

The transparency of our process allows our adjusters and contractors to make better restore/replace decisions. Most of our estimates and invoices are less than two pages in length allowing the ability to analyze and process the claim quicker saving valuable time. This allows the opportunity to divert policy dollars to other areas of claim allowing more opportunities for the adjuster to satisfy the insured.


Eco-Friendly & Hypoallergenic

We are committed to restoring and cleaning textiles without the use of harsh and potentially harmful chemicals. Our products are bio-degradable, phosphate-free, and non-toxic. We only select products that are strong enough to sanitize but still hypoallergenic and safe for the most sensitive skin. Odors, grime, and residue are all eradicated, leaving your fabrics looking clean and smelling fresh.


Odor Elimination & Sanitation

Our sanitizing process eliminates the source of odors by removing contaminants that allow mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow in textiles. Even smoke and sewage smells can be eliminated from clothes, bedding, and delicate fabrics like silk and lace as well as feather-filled items. We work hard to sanitize your restorable soft goods gently and return them to you contaminant-free.

Training & Expertise

Our trained team of experts ensures consistency with every cleaning to restore your valuable soft goods to their pre-loss state, if not better. We can determine a restore versus replace value for all damaged items along with access to photo inventory. It is our job and commitment to demonstrate our understanding of what really matters to our clients.


Getting Back to Normal

Prism Specialties knows that textiles mean a lot and have sentimental value. Following a flood, fire, or another disaster, Prism Specialties will bring compassion and understanding to provide comfort while recovering. Once items are restored to their pre-loss condition, our team of experts will deliver all items packaged and labeled to provide ease and comfort after a loss.

Find the Nearest Location

With multiple locations throughout the US, we offer national coverage you can count on. We partner with claim adjusters, insurance agents, contractors, and policyholders to arrive at any loss situation within hours. If you do not see your location on the map, feel free to call our main office at (888) 269-0683.

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