Textile Odor Removal Services

Deodorizing Services for Textiles

The Value of Professional Odor Elimination Services

You may be tempted to wash your damaged textiles repeatedly to remove the odor. However, a typical laundering process can destroy delicate items and only partially remove contaminants. When performed with the right equipment and care, professional odor removal services keep your belongings protected.

When you choose Prism Specialties for textile deodorization services, expect excellent results:

  • An unpleasant odor is removed, not masked.
  • Mildew and mold spores are fully eliminated.
  • Smoke, soot, ash, and other contaminants are eliminated.
  • Your textiles are restored to pre-loss condition.

Prism Specialties’ Textile Odor Removal Expertise

We work with homeowners, business owners, and insurance professionals to ensure that precious textiles – no matter the size, shape or fragility – are properly deodorized and decontaminated.

Our teams deodorize a wide range of contents as a specialty restoration service:

  • Clothing & attire restoration
  • Formal wear restoration
  • Coat and jacket restoration
  • Shoe restoration
  • Purse restoration
  • Wedding gown restoration
  • Bedding restoration
  • Pillow restoration
  • Rug restoration
  • Uniform restoration
  • Stuffed animal restoration

Why Choose Prism Specialties for Odor Elimination Services?

Prism Specialties experts know that restoring a special item can bring relief to our clients, so they treat each situation with urgency and professionalism. We work with insurance agents, contractors, adjusters, homeowners, and business owners to provide thorough textile odor removal services.

We’re known for these quality practices:

  • Guaranteed clean
  • Restoration of uncommon and fragile textiles
  • Odors eliminated and not masked
  • Eco-friendly processes that are bio-degradable, phosphate-free, and non-toxic
  • Quality control