Tier 1 Auto Supplier

During the month of July, Prism Specialties deployed 300 employees to restore a Tier 1 auto supplier facility, finishing the entire job in 6 days! This enormous restoration required the use of our proprietary cleaning chemicals & specialty equipment to clean:

  • Over 80 weld cells with A-B table fixtures with a rotating axis and dual welding robots, including all overhead vent hoods, welding systems and electrical control cabinet interiors, to remove all soot levels.
  • Two foam seat cushion lines with extensive overhead exhaust and 38 mold carts per line.
  • Five overhead cranes from 30-60 feet in the air rated from 5000 – 15000 kg.
  • Three sub assembly lines with extensive complex product fixtures.
  • Large stamping press for all sheet metal components for product frame structures, including all automated handling of steel coils and scrap, to an extensive underground conveyor for scrap removal.
  • Wire and tube bending machines for mass production of frame components.
  • Our outstanding workforce got the job done despite late scheduling changes caused by maintenance, new model year programming & qualifications assuring the customer was ready for the new model year start up.