Residential Fire Damage

After a house fire left many of the contents in Helen “Mimi” Otto’s home destroyed by exposure to water and soot, Prism Specialties was able to recover most of her electronics and appliances that others had deemed a total loss. In particular, “Mimi” has a son (with autism) 17 years old who was devastated that his Wii & PlayStation 2 were accidentally knocked onto the ground during the fire and got wet. After Prism Specialties of Grand Rapids & SW Michigan finished her claim they received a handwritten response from both her and her son:

“Thank you for all of your understanding & making our fire less stressful. It is truly amazing how items (X-Box 360 that was “destroyed” by firefighters) returned & work better than ever; especially the games. My 17 year old was over the moon to have his back in his room not just to play but to have normalcy & “in its place.” Everyone from Prism Specialties was helpful, kind & great understanding of our quirks & electronics. Thank you Helen “Mimi” Otto.

p.s. I have raved to USAA about you & am sure they will send others your way.

From Alex, “Mimi’s” son:

Dear Prism Specialties and Mr. Bob

Thanks for taking, restoring, cleaning and bringing back my Wii and PlayStation 2. It was great to have my system and to be able to play on it again. Thanks for bringing back too the others. Alec Otto

“It made my day and week to get it.” said Bob Schultz, Owner of Prism Specialties of Grand Rapids & SW Michigan.