Plant Engineer

“In the middle of our busiest month we had the very unfortunate event happen to our facility. The wood roof caught fire. The fire was fought defensively from the outside of the building. This caused the entire roof and ceiling to collapse onto our production lines underneath. What a mess.

We needed to get back into production as quickly as possible, but where to start.

Thankfully, we were made aware of Prism Specialties. Prism Specialties’ personnel set our minds at ease with their clear presentation of the scope, cost, and time line of the necessary restoration of our production lines.

They quickly removed the pieces of equipment that could be restored off site while our building was reconstructed.

After the building reconstruction was completed, Prism Specialties was ready to reinstall the restored equipment. The equipment was delivered promptly and put in place.

All through this process Prism Specialties worked with our plant personnel to design and build a modern control package that has proven very functional to this day.

The entire experience was handled by Prism Specialties in a very professional and timely manner. We were very pleased with the continuous supply of information from Prism Specialties regarding the problems that cropped up and their innovative solutions to those possible setbacks.

It would be great if these kinds of events never happen, but because unfortunate things do occur, it is great to know that a company like Prism Specialties exists and that they do respond in such a prompt and professional manner.
Thanks Prism Specialties.”