Water Damage

Box Plant

Type of loss:

A 600,000 sq. ft. corrugated processing plant was flooded with five feet of river water. The muddy water contained heavy levels of corrosive chemicals and fertilizer from the surrounding farms. All of the controls, processing machines and the 12,000 feet of powered roller conveyor were saturated and rusting by the time the water receded.

Challenges to overcome:

  1. This is one of the larger corrugated plants the customer owned and there was not enough capacity at their other plants to cover orders
  2. Throughout the plant, select OEM’s were utilized for their equipment. The OEM’s did not have the manpower or parts available to support the customer in restoring their processing equipment.

Mitigation Response:

Prism Specialties mobilized over 60 technicians to immediately started to mitigate further damage by spraying rust inhibitor over all contaminated equipment, draining and removing water from control cabinets and conduits. Over the next five weeks our engineers, licensed electricians and mechanical technicians completed the following tasks:

  1. Replaced all electronic components from the water line in over 600 control cabinets.
  2. Cleaned and relabeled all wiring and hardware components in all control cabinets.
  3. Disassembled command console for corrugated line.
  4. Removed old wood floor and installed new wood floor for command console.
  5. Reinstalled and re-terminated over 3000 wires to command console.
  6. Restored & cleaned over 36,000 conveyor rollers.
  7. Removed and replaced over 44,000 bearings in conveyor rollers.
  8. Removed rust and contamination from corrugated line and eight boxing/printing lines.


  1. Customer was back in production within five weeks.
  2. All equipment came back online as required.
  3. OEM’s validated all of Prism Specialties’ replacement components and work performed to continue honoring warranty of customer’s equipment that was in place.