Our Process for Professional Document Restoration

Document Damage Mitigation

Within 24 hours, Prism Specialties will be on site to stop the damage and make a general assessment. Prism Specialties technicians inventory & pack damaged items using our secure toting system for safety and speed. Documents that have been wet for 24 hours or more will be refrigerated during transport to stop the growth of mold.

Damage Mitigation

Evaluating Document Damage

Once documents arrive at Prism Specialties’ facility, inventory specialists verify the shipment and assess the damage to determine steps necessary for restoration. When the customer approval is obtained, the restoration phase begins.

Evaluating Document Damage

Methods for Restoring and Cleaning Documents

We employ a series of proprietary techniques to stop damage, clean documents and restore them to their original quality. Our variety of processes include: Vacuum freeze drying, microbial disinfecting, deodorizing, sanitizing, and ultrasonic separation. Prism Specialties uses all of these processes to restore documents damaged by fire, water or mold. With our State of the Art tools, our team of professional and knowledgeable staff can restore nearly any document.

Restoring and Cleaning Methods

Delivering Restored Documents

When your damaged documents have been restored to pre-loss condition, our technicians prepare them for a safe return to your location. We offer door-to-door service through a fleet of trustworthy transportation experts. If your business requires re-shelving services, we are happy to provide that service too. Our dedication to restoring your entire archive to it’s pre-loss condition does not stop once the papers are re-conditioned. We are happy to provide re-shelving services for projects large and small. And if you are not ready to re-shelves and your business needs long-term storage, we are happy to offer secure document storage too.

Delivering Restored Documents

Minimize Downtime with Restoration Experts

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