Preserve Treasured Artwork For Years To Come

Art Preservation Services for Private and Public Collections

From private to public collections, our skilled restorers clean, repair and maintain a vast variety of artwork and collectibles in galleries, museums, restaurants, hotels, municipalities, schools and more. We use proven methods and archival materials to renew all types of artwork that have been affected by neglect, damage, and decay caused by environmental conditions or human use.

Whether a collection includes watercolors, oil paintings, sculptures, taxidermy, sports memorabilia, or many other kinds of collectibles or art forms, each experienced restorer is equipped to preserve and maintain its integrity for generations to appreciate.

What to Expect From Art Preservation Services  

Treasured paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts deserve the best care. The goal of art preservation services is to maintain an object’s physical condition or state, repair any damage, and protect it from future deterioration. This process requires training and expertise to apply proven techniques without causing further damage.

At Prism Specialties, we strive to uphold a high standard of care when restoring and handling all art. We begin each art engagement with an examination of every object. This important step ensures that we use the correct cleaning products and repair techniques for each item. From basic cleaning to extensive repairs, count on the professionals at Prism Specialties to preserve treasured artwork and objects for many years to come.

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