Restoring Small Engine Machinery and Factory Equipment after Fire or Water Damage

Restoring Small Engine Machinery and Factory Equipment after Fire or Water Damage

Staring at the aftermath of a fire or water incident can make anyone panic. In both residential and commercial settings, the first instinct is often to replace everything. Prism Specialties offers on-site restoration to reduce downtime, communicate progress, and get equipment back up and running. The insured may think replacement is the only option, but in our current situation, where new machinery or parts are not available, a municipality or business cannot afford to wait when the new machinery or parts are back-ordered or need to be custom-made.

After calling the insurance company, it’s time to take a deep breath and evaluate the advantages of machinery restoration.

Benefits of Restoration after Fire or Water Damage

In many situations, deciding to replace or restore small engine equipment or vital machinery is the right option. Residential, commercial, and industrial decision-makers work with insurance companies and Prism Specialties to make the best choice.

  1. Cost Effective
    At home or work, small engine and machinery restoration often comes down to cost. When thinking about coverage and out-of-pocket expenses, remember that there’s more to the price tag than the machinery itself. Consider any additional retraining or certification that might be required with the purchase of new equipment.
  2. Reduced Downtime
    Money is money, but time is money, too. Prism Specialties offers on-site restoration to eliminate transportation time. By putting our technicians on-site, we can also keep facility managers informed about our progress and educate them about how each step of the process affects other business systems.
  3. Longevity
    Old, out-of-date machines may be worth replacing. But newer, more modern equipment that’s damaged may have years of production left hanging in the balance. In some cases, restoration offers a minimal expense in exchange for years and even decades of further use, helping businesses and municipalities realize the long-term value of their original equipment fleet purchases.
  4. Avoid Financing a Replacement
    In some situations, insurance may not cover the full cost of replacement. That can make budgeting for equipment replacement more difficult. Restoration helps businesses avoid the burden of making either a substantial outright purchase or paying interest on long-term financing options.

Equipment Recovery Services Restore Small Engine Equipment

Small engine machinery is the backbone of production in myriad industries, with demanding output and razor-sharp deadlines. Prism Specialties has taken on challenges like these before and risen to the occasion. Our talented teams of recovery specialists are capable of performing effective on-site restoration on all kinds of small engines, electronics, industrial equipment, and heavy machinery.

To learn more about Prism Specialties and to work through restoration versus replacement decisions, call (888) 826-9429  or request service online today.