How to Fix a Broken Photo Frame

Is your favorite picture frame falling apart at the corners? Don’t worry, we have the perfect DIY solution to get your frame looking good as new! Just follow these step by step instructions:

  • Gather Materials
    You will need needle-nose pliers, a flat surface, wood putty, sandpaper, a small clamp, and wood glue for this project.
  • Prepare the Frame
    Lay the frame face-down on a flat surface and remove the back of the frame, the photo, and the glass.
  • Pull Joints Apart
    It is best to take the entire frame apart and repair all of the corners if one is broken. If you see nails or brads, gently remove them with the pliers and carefully pull the joints apart.
  • Sand the Joints
    Once you have the frame pulled apart, use the sandpaper to smooth the inner edge of each joint. Be sure to remove any lingering, stuck-on glue.
  • Fill Nail Holes
    Use the wood putty to fill any old nail holes and let it dry completely. Then, sand down the surface until it is completely smooth.
  • Glue Back Together
    Spread a thin line of wood glue on the inner edge of each joint and press the pieces together. Wipe any excess glue from the frame with a damp cloth and use a clamp to hold the joints together until the glue is dry.
  • Replace Artwork or Photo
    After the glue has completely dried, replace the glass, the photo, and the back of the frame. 

Now, your frame is ready to be put back on display!

Photo Frame Repair and Display

Having trouble displaying your photo frame? We’ve got you covered with that as well. Keep reading for some hassle-free photo display options.

  • Attach a new leg on the back of the frame to display it on a tabletop or shelf. All you need is some glue and a sturdy piece of cardboard to use as a makeshift leg.
  • Fasten wire or brackets to the back of the frame so you can hang it on a wall. Simply screw a D-ring into each side of the frame and loop the wire through. Alternatively, attach keyhole brackets to each side of the frame or a saw tooth bracket to the top. Then, place screws or a nail into your wall at the desired height and hang the frame.
  • Purchase a photo frame display stand for a more fun and decorative approach.

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