Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drives

Lots of things can stress people out, but a fried computer must be close to the top of the list. After a house fire, computers are often on the top of the list of items, our customers want restored. If you’ve ever experienced the blue screen of death or received a hard disk failure message, you can relate.

When you do run into a hard drive failure, try not to panic. In most situations, there’s a good chance the data can be recovered from the damaged hard drive.

What Causes Hard Drive Failure?

There are numerous ways a hard drive can sustain damage. Age is the most common. And when we say age, we aren’t talking about a long time. HP says the average mid-grade laptop is only expected to last about three years!

Here are a few more reasons why your hard drive might fail:

  • Dropping a computer can cause extensive damage to the hard drive and other components.
  • Heat can cause catastrophic damage to a hard drive. Whether you left your laptop in a hot car or the internal fan is failing, you need to act fast. Unplug the computer, remove the battery, and take it to a data recovery expert right away.
  • A power surge can disconnect the microprocessor from the hard drive. In this case, a computer repair expert is your only hope for data recovery and/or getting the computer running again.
  • Water damage will cause a short circuit, which can permanently damage interior components.
  • Viruses and malware can kill a hard drive. These nefarious programs may also erase data or even take it hostage.
  • External hard drives are especially susceptible to damage from impacts or vibrations. Place your external drive on a solid surface when in use, and transport it in a cushioned box.

Can You Recover Files from Your Own Hard Drive?

Data recovery software programs offer some hope for those dealing with a crashed hard drive. However, these programs offer limited capabilities and can be confusing to the average user. And, if your computer won’t turn on, a software program won’t do any good.

A local computer shop may be able to help recover data from a computer that won’t turn on. But when extensive damage has occurred, an electronics restoration specialist is your best hope. 

How to Find Reliable Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Prism Specialties is staffed by engineers and data recovery experts. We are uniquely positioned to recover data from a variety of devices, including severely damaged hard drives. Our professionals retrieve files from computers that have been through fires, floods, and other damage. We are also experts at restoring other types of electronics affected from disaster. When you need a hard drive data recovery service you can count on, make an appointment with Prism Specialties online or call us at 888-826-9429.